Mobile Operators

Mobile operators are our primary customers.  Our technology and analytics data are used by many others in the wireless industry and value chains including hardware manufacturers, telecommunication vendors and even mobile application vendors.  The operators below have all publically promoted, featured or distributed our My Data Manager application.

Details and examples of how these operators have promoted My Data Manager are available here.


Anatole uses Mobidia My Data Manager to compliment their enterprise-grade, telecom lifecylce management solutions.



AT&T support engineers recommend My Data Manager to customers that need to understand more about their data usage. They also recommend the app within their website support pages.



Mobidia has worked with the AT&T Foundry team to develop a prototype to showcase network APIs.





du is using My Data Manager as the platform for innovative customer care and marketing application.




E-Plus+ has featured My Data Manager in their blogs targeting their wireless subscribers



One of the world's largest mobile game vendor makes strategic decisions using Mobidia' unique set of data detailing mobile data usage trends.






 PCCW is featuring and distributing My Data Manager app to their subscribers.



Samsung has featured My Data Manager in their specialized Android tablet marketplace.







Telefonica is using My Data Manager analytics to monitor KPI's across their biggest networks to continue to  develop innovative and compelling services for their subscribers.









Wise Tablets are featuring and pre-loading My Data Manager for their tablet customers.