Mobidia Company Overview

Mobidia is the provider of the popular and award-winning My Data Manager iOS and Android application - a solution that helps smartphone users save money on data plans while increasing revenue and decreasing costs for mobile operators.  Mobidia's mobile analytics and metrics platform provides unique insights into mobile usage trends while driving the next evolution in application discovery, recommendation, and mobile advertising.  


My Data Manager

Mobidia's popular My Data Manager is being used effectively by subscribers on over 800 different mobile operator networks in over 200 different countries and on millions of the most popular smartphones and tablets. My Data Manager is both an application and a total solution that subscribers can download directly and operators can white-label and extend to offer a unique experience that increases the value of mobile data and offers a competitive advantage.

• My Data Manager decreases mobile operators' costs of supporting mobile data and managing bill shock by making data usage transparent and educating subscribers on how their  behavior is aligned with their data usage.

• My Data Manager increases revenue by providing a platform for merchandizing mobile data and plan offers on smartphones and tablets. Promoting offers while providing usage transparency increases subscribers' understanding of the offers and drives increased efficiency of those promotions.

• The cross-cross platform solution also uses cloud-based, real-time reporting of application usage to provide unique views of mobile data usage across 3G/4G, Wi-Fi, and roaming networks on a 7x24x365 basis. Operators finally have a solution to understand how and when applications are being used on ALL wireless networks.

Mobile Data Usage Analytics

Mobidia has collected a comprehensive set of mobile usage data using a completely optional, transparent, and anonymous model for understanding mobile data usage on smartphones and tablets. Our data includes aggregate data usage, specific application usage, and time of day and week usage across mobile, roaming, and Wi-Fi networks. It also includes usage across different device types, mobile OS's, mobile networks, and from over 50 different countries. Examples of our data can be found in our whitepapers here.


Mobidia is working closely with the world's leading mobile operators. Our apps are being promoted, featured, recommended and integrated by network providers in Europe, Asia, and North America.

Mobidia is a venture-funded corporation, located in Vancouver, British Columbia with regional presence in the USA and Europe. Our staff has worked with Microsoft, Symbian, Motorola, Samsung, LG, PMC-Sierra creating mobile applications and mobile solutions.