Mobidia's Mobile App Usage Highlights Line's Global Usage

Posted by Mobidia on October 14, 2014

Line's product announcements last week and their first-ever announcement of monthly active users counts (currently 170 million globally) continue to highlight the fierce competition to acquire global users of chat apps. While Line has a very strong base of users in Japan, they face stiff competition in other countries. Below are a couple charts, developed with Mobidia's mobile app usage data, that highlight penetration of Line vs What'sApp in Japan and other countries.


Mobidia's Wi-Fi Usage Metrics Show Heavy Usage by LTE Subscribers

Posted by Mobidia on September 17, 2014

A look at the top LTE markets around the world show a continued reliance on Wi-Fi by smartphone users.  While this is not surprising, this trend continues to highlight the opportunity and thread that Wi-Fi presents. With the exception of Korea and Japan, Wi-Fi usage accounts for 80% or more of the data consumed by smartphoneusers.A comparison of Wi-Fi usage among LTE vs 3G users would show a similar usage pattern.

Mobidia's LTE Usage Metrics Show LTE Use Growing Across the Globe

Posted by Mobidia on September 10, 2014

Cellular usage of 3G subscribers has been modest to flat over the last year with a lot of subscribers continuing to adopt Wi-Fi as a means of connectivity. And as availablity of private and public Wi-Fi continues to be more pervasive, this growth continues.  But LTE vs 3G usage is very different. A review of cellular usage of LTE subscribers show a different trend. LTE subscribers are using significantly more cellular data.

Mobidia's LTE Usage Metrics Show US LTE Subscribers Use more Data

Posted by Mobidia on September 9, 2014

Things continue to look good for mobile operators who have invested and rolled out LTE technology. A look at LTE subscribers in the US over the first 6 months of 2014 clearly shows them using more cellular data than their 3G cohorts.  When reviewing LTE vs 3G usage, in general, LTE subscribers are using more data, buying bigger plans, and using more of their plans.

LTE Users are Using Much More Mobile Data

Posted by Mobidia on June 22, 2014

Mobile operators continue to roll-out LTE technology. Over 100 networks are now available to wireless subscribers around the world. And the LTE usage trends continue to look very positive for mobile operators.

In all major markets, subscribers are using more mobile data, buying larger plans, and using more of their quotas.