LTE Data Usage

Posted by Mobidia on March 30, 2015

Mobidia data from February 2015 showed that LTE data made up for 98% of mobile data usage across LTE capable devices in South Korea. USA wasn’t far behind with LTE making up for 92% of mobile data usage. LTE data in the UK however only made up for 52% of usage across LTE capable devices. 

Wearable App Usage

Posted by Mobidia on March 13, 2015

With the new Apple Watch now available for pre-order, we thought it would be interesting to see what apps wearable users are likely to download and get the most use out of on their wrist. 

Given there are already a number of Android compatible smartwatches available and in use, Mobidia decided to take a look at the usage of five popular Android wearable apps to see what functions people are utilizing on their wearable devices. 

Android Wear users had the highest screen time, which wasn’t surprising given that this is one of the primary apps for controlling preferences and managing notifications and devices with an Android smartwatch. In a very close second was the Wear Fitness Personal Trainer app, which has seen a consistent increase in usage month over month since launching in October. 

It seems camera and browser functionalities are less of a concern amongst the wearable community with Wear Internet Browser and Wear Camera Remote users only engaging with the app for a few minutes each month. 

As the trend for wearable’s continues, we will no doubt see updated versions of peoples’ favorites repurposed for this new market, as well as a variety of new apps entering the game. This will certainly be an interesting space to watch in 2015 and we are excited to see which apps are most successful.  

March Madness And Sports App Usage

Posted by Mobidia on March 4, 2015

With March Madness just a few weeks away, Mobidia decided to take a look at the app usage across some of the top sports apps. Mobidia predicts fans will be turning to one of the many apps available to ensure they don’t miss a minute of the action, as was similarly seen in 2014. During the month of March last year we saw a huge spike in the average screen time across five key apps and suspect this year will be no different as fans prepare to build their bracket, compete with friends and follow the games right up to the Championship game on April 6th.

Mobidia Release New Q4 App Insights Guide

Posted by Mobidia on February 25, 2015

The app economy flourished in 2014. Continued growth and new app trends surfaced and the industry saw many new apps climb and fall in popularity and usage throughout the year. 

Using Mobidia's global set of app metrics, informed by millions of real users around the world and covering millions of Android and iOS apps, we have created an app insights guide. This guide features Q4 Android and iOS app and game leaderboards across 9 countries, and highlights some gaming and social messaging insights such as how app penetration in apps such as Line and WhatsApp compare across different countries.



Mobidia and Ovum Release New Whitepaper

Posted by Mobidia on February 24, 2015

Mobidia and Ovum have released a new report that offers insights into 2014 LTE and Wi-Fi usage trends from an extended analysis of the top LTE markets worldwide.

In just six years since its release, LTE has become one of the fastest-growing mobile technologies in history, with half a billion global subscribers expected this year. Mobidia’s latest analysis of LTE subscribers reveals a continued positive impact for the hundreds of mobile operators that have invested in LTE technology, and subscribers clearly value these faster speeds. In fact, LTE subscribers continue to use more cellular data and buy larger data plans. However, many also continue to purchase plans that are much larger than needed to cover their monthly usage. 

This new report uncovers many different trends including the fact that iOS and Android smartphone users surpassed the 10 GB per user per month mark in December 2014 in terms of both Wi-Fi and cellular usage, consuming on average 10.9 GB and 10.3 GB respectively.

The below chart shows Global, cellular device users, average monthly data use across cellular and Wi- Fi between January 2014 and December 2014