Mobidia LTE Network Usage Data

Posted by Mobidia on November 18, 2014

LTE continues to drive more usage of mobile data and LTE-enabled devices, some of the best on the market, are likely also driving more Wi-Fi usage - along with a number of other factors. We recently looked at network usage of US subscribers in Q3 2014 and summarized some high-level points in a doc available here. This analysis is not quite as deep as some of our previous whitepapers but still has some interesting data points. As always, we have lots of data behind these charts, available for historical perspectives and, more importantly, for understanding where trends are heading.


October Data Highlights: Android users play more games than iPhone users

Posted by Mobidia on November 13, 2014

Mobidia has just released some new industry insights for October, including the average number of games played by iPhone and Android users. In September we saw android users were using more apps than those with an iPhone, similarly our October data shows android users also play more games than iPhone users. 

Mobidia and ABI Release New Mobile App Usage Report

Posted by Mobidia on November 12, 2014

Mobidia and ABI have released a new data report on mobile app usage. The research which focuses on top application engagement metrics of social and chat apps highlight the value of usage and engagement metrics in addition to app download and rankings data.  The global analysis highlight the growing mindshare that Facebook's suite of mobile app garner.  As demonstrated in the chart below, Facebook's core app, messenger, WhatsApp, and Instragram dominate actively monthly users and minutes of use in most geographies - including Western Europe.


Mobidia Launches a Mobile App Analytics Tool - App Leaderboard

Posted by Mobidia on November 4, 2014

Mobidia is excited to announce two new data pages on  The first is a top app and game leaderboard that ranks mobile apps by active users for both iOS and Android and across 3 different countries.  This leaderboard will be updated regularly to provide insights  into app usage trends.  What makes this different from other leaderboards out there is that these rankings are based on real usage from real users  - millions of them.

We also added a new page highlighting some interesting industry insights based on our data.  We'll be updating these regularly as well so be sure to come back and check them out.  You can see the latest 3 here..  Here is a great example.  Check out the average number of apps used in September.  Android users use a lot more apps than their iOS counterparts.



Mobidia's Data Highlights Smartphone Screen Sizes' Impact on App Usage

Posted by Mobidia on October 29, 2014

Smartphone screen sizes continue to grow. Screen sizes and their resolutions for flagship phones a few years are now standard on mid tier and low end models today.  And sizes for the latest and greatest phones are larger than ever. Apple's 5.5-inch iPhone Plus is a great example.

We thought it would be interesting to collaborate with IHS, a leading global source of critical information and insight, to take a look at the impact of screen sizes and resolutions on app usage and mobile data consumption.  And as expected, we found significant impact. Here is an example,.  In our analysis, screen sizes 5 inches and larger drive significantly more minute of usage.