Mobidia empowers companies to make better business decisions through comprehensive mobile app data insight.

Mobidia has been a pioneer in mobile measurement with the largest global sample of smartphone and tablet users, since 2012. Mobidia provides unique insights into mobile usage trends on over 200,000 mobile applications and 825 mobile networks across the world. Real usage from real users on both cellular and Wi-Fi networks provides a comprehensive and unique understanding of what people do and value in the mobile world. 

Mobidia is now part of App Annie, the leading mobile app intelligence platform, providing developers and publishers with a full 360-view of what they need to know to build, market and invest in their apps.

More About App Annie

Mobidia has customers from all over the world that use our data every day to:

  • Track and benchmark competitors
  • Plan global launch strategies
  • Identify mobile app trends
  • Identify trends for cellular & Wi-Fi
  • Optimize data plans and service offers
  • Develop and optimize Over-the-Top plans
  • Target and optimize advertising