Mobidia provides unique insights into mobile data usage that no one else can offer.

Mobidia sells data that provides unique insights into mobile usage trends while driving the next evolution in app discovery, recommendation and mobile advertising. We crowd source data using a completely optional, transparent and anonymous model for understanding mobile data usage on Smartphones and tablets.

Our data includes aggregate data usage, specific app usage, and time of day, week and month usage across mobile, roaming and Wi-Fi networks. It also includes usage across different device types, mobile operating systems, mobile networks, and from over 50 different countries.

Meet The Mobidia Team

Mobidia has customers from all over the world that use our data everyday to:

  • Track and benchmark competitors
  • Plan global launch strategies
  • Identify mobile app trends
  • Identify trends for cellular & Wi-Fi
  • Optimize data plans and service offers
  • Develop and optimize Over-the-Top plans
  • Target and optimize advertising