Better Insights from Mobidia Data

Real Usage From Real Users

Real Usage
From Real Users

Unlike panels and surveys, our data captures everyday usage from everyday users

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Largest Global Sample

Global Sample

We have millions of users in all geographic regions providing daily reports

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App Usage vs Downloads

App Usage
vs Downloads

Unlike download data that only shows intent, we provide data on what apps people are actually using

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Complete Network Visibility

Network Visibility

Mobidia can provide complete network visibility with data on cellular, Wi-Fi and roaming usage

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Unique Insight from a Comprehensive Data Set

App Data Graph

App Data

How Can Our App Usage Data Help Your Business?

Mobidia data provides valuable everyday insight into App penetration and engagement. Our data will help you understand the app market, track competitors and analyze trends.

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Network Usage Graphic

Network Data

Mobidia Data Includes Usage Across Every Network to Which a Smartphone or Tablet Connects

Mobidia's data provides insights on LTE and cellular usage, private and public Wi-Fi usage as well as usage while roaming on both cellular and Wi-Fi networks.

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Average Minutes Per Day Spent Watching Videos Graph

Device Data

Mobidia Data Highlights How Consumer Behavior Differs on the Device and Model They are Using

Mobidia data can be broken down to identify trends and correlations between how new and existing devices are being used and what drives higher data use.

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Plan Data Graph

Plan Data

Mobidia Data Can Be Used for Competitive Benchmarking, Marketing Assessments, and Internal Product and Strategy Planning

Mobidia data can help you identify how customers are using their devices and how this differs by the plan they are on, and the coverage they have.

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The Mobidia Team

Mobidia works hard to ensure that we have the most talented, driven, and passionate team.
We use this talent to provide a unique and valuable data set to help your teams deliver.

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